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Sony CSL meets the Enrico Fermi Research Center in Rome

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The joint project between the Enrico Fermi Research Center (CREF) and Sony CSL Paris had its kick-off meeting yesterday in Rome at the Centro Fermi premises. The director of Sony CSL Paris, Vittorio Loreto and the president of CREF, Luciano Pietronero, opened the event, presenting all the speakers and the perspectives of this collaboration.

The event developed all day long, presenting during the morning, an overview of the principal research projects the two entities are involved in and leaving the floor, during the afternoon, to a more interactive phase, where the researchers discussed about a possible collaboration for the projects’ development.

During the first part of the day, Bernardo Monechi presented the Sony CSL research activity on Sustainable Cities, giving highlights about the whatif-machine platform and the POCs Sony CSL will realize in the Rome Metropolitan Area; then Giordano De Marzo gave an interesting highlight on the application of Zipf’s and Heap’s law to the study of urban development and finally Pietro Gravino presented his research activity on Information Systems .

After lunch, two working groups took place, one on Misinformation and Social Dynamics and the other one on Sustainable Cities and the day came to an end laying the foundation of a stronger and more structured collaboration in the very next future.