Enrico Fermi Research Center view

Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Rome aims at contributing to the redesign of our societies with a coordinated and transdisciplinary approach operating at very different spatial and temporal scales.

From the short time-scale of the present to long-term strategic thinking. From the micro-scale of interventions (sustainable mobility, production processes, logistics, etc.) to the larger scale of more complex features (economic development, democratic practices and social dialogue, inclusion, leveraging the vocation of specific areas, etc.). 

Sony CSL – Rome aims at:

  • becoming a reference entity in providing ideas for new solutions and validated scenarios for sustainable development challenges;

  • testing the potential impact of these scenarios in concrete contexts;  

  • contributing to new policies and accompany policy-makers and stakeholders in their implementation; 

  • mobilizing the private sector and strengthening public-private partnerships (PPPs) to address social challenges while opening new markets and new business models.