About Us

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We are the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) in Rome.

Sony CSL is the leading-edge organization that works to create new research areas and paradigms, as well as new technologies and businesses for the common social good. 

Our lab in Rome was born thanks to a scientific agreement with the Enrico Fermi Research Centre and it represents a unique public-private effort for science and a source of pride for us. If you want to know more about our joint projects, find here all the info.

When founded in Japan in 1988, Sony CSL focused on fundamental research in computer systems, including operating systems, the Internet, and user interfaces. As the organization evolved, its focus shifted to exploring ways to use computers in diverse domains such as systems biology, econophysics and artificial intelligence.

In 1996 the Japanese experience gave birth to Sony CSL – Paris, with  its four main research areas: language, music, creativity and sustainability. 

The opening of the new laboratory in Rome was announced on the occasion of the Maker Faire 2021, while Sony CSL were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the office in Paris. 

Both the unique experience of the Maker Faire Rome and the evocative celebrations, became the perfect occasion to launch the project of a new laboratory in Rome that could bring Sony CSL values straight into the heart of the eternal city.

Suggestive pic of Enrico Fermi Research Center interiors

This is the reason why the laboratory now hosts three main research lines, each focusing on three of the most debated topics at the moment: sustainable cities and how to achieve them, information systems and how to avoid the spreading of misinformation and disinformation that could damage our societies and the role Artificial Intelligence could have in our lives combined with the power of our creativity.

Thanks to the collaboration with CREF, Sony CSL – Rome is located in the historical Enrico Fermi Research Center. Immersed in this iconic place where the so-called  “Ragazzi di Via Panisperna” used to hang around, our laboratory drops within the context linking the past heritage to the needs of the future, being aware of the present’s challenges.

Enrico Fermi Research Center facade