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Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Rome

Joint Initiative CREF-SONY

Centro Studi e Ricerche “Enrico Fermi” – CREF
Via Panisperna, 89/a 
00184 Rome

Entrance: Piazza del Viminale, 1, Rome


Phone Number: +39 0645502903

Visiting CSL Rome

Please note that visits to Sony Computer Science Laboratory are by invitation/appointment only.
If you are a researcher, a journalist or a member of Sony Corporation or one of its business partners and you would like to visit the laboratory then please contact us first.

Contacting Sony

Please do not contact us about Sony products or Sony activities unrelated to the research described on this Web site. You may contact customer services, or one of the service centers, or find appropriate contact addresses at one of the following Sony Web sites.

Sony Japan
Sony USA
Sony Europe