icona augmented creativity

Augmented Creativity

Being creative means using one’s abilities to find innovative and original solutions to particular problems or needs. That’s why supporting people in being more creative, helping them find original paths to brilliant, innovative, and practical solutions, is of the utmost importance.

We think Artificial Intelligence is a bright candidate to perform such a task. We are currently studying the ability of AI to understand the complexity of open-ended systems for producing new interesting ideas, paths, and solutions coherent with the general context. To achieve this, we exploit the well known AI capabilities of processing information from the outside world, integrating it with the capability of exploring the world of novelties before they occur.

Another important area of investigation concerns applying AI tools to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from urban regeneration to global wellness, from improving social dialogue to reducing poverty and hunger. In this area, we aim at applying AI to find new paths for better comprehension of global problems and their causal relationships to forecasting and validated scenarios. Our Covid 19 project goes precisely in this direction, and you can find more here.

Last but not least, we are currently exploring the possible ways for AI to interact with art in the framework of the STARTS program.