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Sony CSL Rome, the official announcement at Maker Faire 2021

Maker Faire

This is a special year for Sony Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) with its two branches in Tokyo and Paris. After opening a new Lab in Kyoto, Sony CSL is landing in Italy, in Rome in particular, to set up a new project devoted to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with two main projects dedicated to Sustainable Cities and Information and Social Dialogue.

CSL will open its Rome office in the prestigious premises of the Enrico Fermi Research Centre within the historical building of the “I Ragazzi di Via Panisperna”.

Also, CSL Paris is celebrating this year its 25th birthday, and it will do this with an Open House that will take place in the exciting framework of the Maker Faire Rome 2021. CSL, together with other sectors of Sony, will have an ample exhibition space, spanning topics from smart cities to agriculture, from misinformation to language technologies to creativity. In addition, the Sony team will provide the Maker Faire with a brand-new technology based on Sony smart cameras to control the flow of people inside the pavilions to comply with Covid restrictions.