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Joint seminars between Sony CSL – Rome and CREF: Edgardo Brigatti and Pierluigi Mancarella

During the years of our joint collaboration with CREF we have been boosting shared knowledge as much as we could, both within the framework of our joint project and promoting new ideas, research projects and different perspectives from outside.

After the numerous seminar series we have been attending this year, such as the CREF Talks by CREF and the Étincelle by Sony CSL, we are now jointly launching a new format for seminars that will concern either the topics related to our joint research lines or external seminars we both believe to be interesting for our two organisations.

We started last week on the 31st of May with the seminar held by Edgardo Brigatti from the university of Rio De Janeiro, who spoke about “Entropy estimation in bidimensional sequences and the classification of built environments in different spatial cultures”.
About the seminar: Estimating entropy in multidimensional patterns is a nontrivial task, particularly when involved and long-range correlations are present. In this seminar, first, we show how methods usually applied to one-dimensional sequences can be adapted to analyze bi-dimensional systems. Then, we use this approach to estimate the Shannon entropy of urban patterns.
Findings suggest that this methodology can identify similarities between cities, generating accurate results for recognizing and classifying urban morphologies. This approach allows the introduction of a classification scheme that opens up new questions about the idea that urban form can embody characteristics related to different cultural identities, historical processes, and geographical regions

Next joint seminar will be on the 13th of June at 2.30 pm and on the occasion we will host Pierluigi Mancarella from the University of Melbourne.


About the seminar: Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are becoming widespread in most countries worldwide. In particular, at the household level rooftop solar photovoltaics, electric heat pumps, battery energy storage systems, and soon electric vehicles too, are poised to play an essential role towards power and energy system decarbonisation and more consumer-centric markets. Local energy systems with shared
assets such as community storage are also emerging as important options of interest. Key ongoing
debates now refer to how different DER technologies and schemes should be fully integrated into power and energy system and market operation.
In this talk we will present fundamental techno-economic aspects of key aggregation approaches that could enable large-scale deployment of DER, namely, virtual power plants, energy communities, and
microgrids. More specifically, we will discuss the key features of these different aggregation models (“what”), under which conditions each of them should/could be considered (“where”), and potential
technical and commercial opportunities and challenges for different stakeholders involved with DER development, e.g., aggregators, energy managers, distribution system operators, and so forth (“who”).
Several case studies from a number of recent projects in Australia, UK, Europe, Malaysia and Chile will be used to exemplify the concepts presented.

Stay tuned, amazing things are coming!