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The Eco of truths, Dialogues between Literature and Science

The event on March 25th will be dedicated to Umberto Eco and in particular to his famous book “Foucault’s Pendulum”, published in 1988. The title of the book refers to the pendulum, the object of the experiment by the French physicist Jean Bernard Léon Foucault, which demonstrates the movement of the earth.

For the purposes of the event, the book will provide the starting point to discuss, in a broader sense, modern information systems, focusing on some of their peculiar characteristics and malfunctions.

The key concept of the event, from which the dialogue will begin, will be “truth”, which in various forms has been a dear theme to Umberto Eco; moreover, the theme of truth is also a useful metaphorical key to understand some of the phenomena that characterize our information systems and many of the pathologies that afflict them.

Together with Emanuele Brugnoli and D. Ruggiero Lo Sardo, researchers in the field of Infosphere, other guests will participate into the dialogue: Antonio Perri, former student of Umberto Eco and currently a professor of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, and Sociolinguistics of interactions at the University of Suor Orsola Benincasa, along with journalist Filippo Santelli, correspondent for the Economy section of La Repubblica and winner of the 2021 Tutino Journalist Award for his reports from China, where he covered, among other things, the democracy protests in Hong Kong and the development of the coronavirus epidemic.
The event will be moderated by Manuela Cherubini, director, actress, and expert in the relationship between art and science. 


The event is open to public through the registration at the link below. Entrance from Piazza del Viminale 1, Rome.