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Rome Future Week: our collaboration with Rome Municipality in the name of Innovation

Sony CSL – Rome will be the scientific partner of the “Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti” (CTE) on the occasion of the Rome Future Week 2024; the three entities will collaborate for the creation of the city’s Innovation Map.

Announcing this is Monica Lucarelli, Rome Municipality’s councillor for Security Policies, Productive Activities, Equal Opportunities and President of the CTE Board, who describes the agreement as “a significant step for the future of innovation in the Capital.”

“The Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti,” explains the Councillor, “is working on creating an ecosystem that brings together different innovation actors to improve the services offered to the city. Now, thanks to this collaboration, we will develop an innovation map that will serve as a platform for aggregation, combining ideas, services, and showing opportunities. The creation of this map will help us to understand and adequately respond to the demands of an increasingly connected citizenry, directing our actions effectively and smartly to improve the quality of life for those living in Rome, and also the quality of the experience we offer to visitors to our city.”

“There are many innovation maps, but what we ask ourselves is: is there one that goes beyond the clichés of places and manages to map innovation in a more widespread way, without leaving behind the commitment of those individual realities that no one talks about and no one knows?” comments Milena Di Canio, communications manager for the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Rome.

“This is the challenge posed by Sony CSL,” she explains, “our researchers, Matteo Bruno and Hygor Melo, guided by the research director, Professor Vittorio Loreto, are already working to define the key parameters and criteria for this unique map of its kind. Together, we are exploring new perspectives and scientific approaches to fully understand the fabric of innovation in our city.”

Michele Franzese, the creator of the Rome Future Week, is pleased with the partnership. “During a visit to the headquarters of Sony CSL – Rome,” he recounts, “we were faced with a stimulating surprise: an interactive map that allowed us to note the sensations of the various areas of Rome. This approach goes beyond mere execution, aiming towards listening to and understanding the territory.”