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citychrone ++

CityChrone++ aims at providing users with tools to assess the status of our urban and inter-urban spaces and conceive new solutions and new scenarios.

CityChrone++ focuses specifically on urban human mobility. Human mobility in cities is driven by several factors, featuring a complex interplay between socio-economic conditions, personal inclinations and needs, the urban environment itself and the status of the transportation systems. Individuals may change their behaviour depending on the particular time of the day, on the activities they have to perform and on the quality of the transportation system itself (is it fast? reliable? subject to large disruptions?). On the other hand, individual inclinations to adopt public transportation vs. private vehicles might have a tremendous impact on the future of urban environments.

It is thus necessary to have a better understanding of the behaviour of individuals during their daily trips, what drives their choices and which statistical patterns are related to them.

This project is gathered under the “Whatif-Machine” framework: all the tools and studies are designed to allow the general public or decision makers to explore new scenarios in an easy and understandable way. You can find more here.