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Safety Distancing Index

Safety Distancing Index

Citychrone Safety Distancing Index is an instance of the Citychrone++ platform that lets you explore the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on public transportation during the first Covid-19 outbreak.

With the Safety Distancing Index (SDI), you can visualise overcrowding and criticalities on buses and metro lines and assess the effectiveness of school closures, remote-working and national lockdowns in reducing risky situations. Start by choosing a city on the map.

The project was developed during the first Italian lockdown, during a collaboration with Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, the Rome Metropolitan Area agency for transportation. 

The analyses and methods developed during this collaboration have been used to inform decision-makers during the reopening phase at the end of the lockdown.The reports of such collaboration can be found here.

Find more about the Citychrone SDI platform here