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Computer Science Laboratories Rome

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We are the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) in Rome.

Sony CSL is the leading-edge organization that works to create new research areas and paradigms, as well as new technologies and businesses for the common social good.  

Our lab in Rome was born thanks to a scientific agreement with the “Enrico Fermi” Research Centre.



At Sony CSL – Rome we strive to give a contribution to the redesign of our societies with a transdisciplinary approach spanning from sustainable mobility, production processes, logistics, to more complex features such as economic development, democratic practises and social dialogue, inclusion.


icona infosphere

Tackling the challenge of redesigning Information Technologies to make information more accessible and social dialogue more transparent, understandable and healthy.


icona sustainable cities

Aiming at providing new tools for understanding and monitoring urban environments in order to make them more sustainable improving citizens’ lives.

icona augmented creativity

Studying the ability of AI to understand the complexity of open-ended systems, to support creativity and help people finding original brilliant, innovative and practical solutions.

Focus on

Just published!

During the last two months the Sustaniable Cities and the Infosphere research lines have published two papers!

Have a look here to have a picture of how technological innovation can play a key role in the economic development of urban areas.

If you are interested in writing processes, instead, you wouldn’t miss this paper about the non linear processes of the narration when writing a text.  

As our opening event in June 2022 aimed to narrate, our laboratory in Rome was born thanks to a scientific agreement with the “Enrico Fermi Research Centre” (generally referred to as CREF).

This agreement represents a unique public-private effort for science and a source of pride for us.

If you want to know more about the collaboration between CREF and Sony CSL – Rome and about our joint projects, please click here and enjoy your reading!