Kreyon City

kreyon city installation

Kreyon City is a macro-economic planning tool that exploits methods from Statistical Physics and Artificial Intelligence to develop forecasting algorithms for urban indicators.  With Kreyon City, it is possible to check the evolution of different urban-related dimensions, such as wages, employment, green areas, etc.

While the decision-making platform is still under development, Kreyon City has been realised into a scientific installation to study how individuals solve complex urban problems.

In the Kreyon City Installation, individuals interact with the complex mathematical model in the background through a gamified experience. They are called to modify a city made with LEGO bricks. At the same time, an interface asks them to solve some problems (e.g. reduce the amount of garbage produced by the city). Some sensors put on top of the LEGO city monitor their actions and use the city configurations they explore to give them feedback about city performances.

In this way, they are not aware of the actual mathematics in the background model. Still, the interaction with the installation leads them to have some insights into its functioning. 

Kreyon City has been displayed in many venues in Europe, and it is still on tour: Barbican Museum in London (UK), Groninger Forum in Groningen (Netherlands), Palaexpo in Rome (Italy), Fiminco Foundation in Paris (France)…


Watch Kreyon City time lapse video at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.