About science and its ability to speak to people: a postcard from the Maker Faire

maker faire

From the 7th to the 9th of October we have been attending the Maker Faire Rome 2022-European Edition together with our colleagues from Sony CSL Paris. As during the past editions, it has been a golden opportunity to showcase our research works and to have an interesting exchange with all the people who passed through our booths, within […]

Synecoculture: Human Augmentation of Ecosystems, the seminar by Masatoshi Funabashi

synecoculture seminar

The seminar, held by Masatoshi Funabashi, Senior researcher and Planetary Navigation Group Leader for the Sony Computer Science Laboratories, will take place on the 14th September 2022 at 16.00 in Aula Fermi of the Enrico Fermi Research Center in Rome. It will provide an introduction about Synecoculture. Synecoculture is a method of farming that produces […]

About the journey of science: the Sony Computer Science Laboratories land in Rome

csl researchers opening

The inauguration of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories’ (Sony CSL) new branch in Italy took place in Rome on Thursday 16th June in the prestigious Enrico Fermi Research Center, located in the historic building of “I Ragazzi di Via Panisperna”. The event has been a great success, welcoming a considerable number of guests who could […]

Joint Initiative between Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Rome and CREF

csl e cref 2

As our opening event in June 2022 aimed to narrate, our laboratory in Rome was born thanks to a scientific agreement with the Enrico Fermi Research Centre (generally referred to as CREF). This agreement represents a unique public-private effort for science and a source of pride for us. Signing such an agreement conveys a huge […]

Getting ready for our official opening in Rome: looking forward to meeting you

opening event

We are glad to announce that our official opening is approaching! The event will take place on the 16th of June at 16.00 at the Enrico Fermi Research Center. During the first part of the event we will illustrate our scientific activity and the projects we are developing in our new laboratory in Rome; this […]